My Book Studio II 2TB - Disk upgrade

I have been using the disc as a backup source for 1 year and it’s working fine.  Since I’m running RAID-1 configuration, I have used up as much as 900GB and I am thinking of upgrading the 2 1TB disc to 2 4TB disc manually.  Is it possible?  Anything should I do like updating the firmware?

Appreciate any responses, thanks!



Hello, the controller might only support that drive capacity. You can get more information on how to replace those drives by contacting support.

Thanks Ichigo for the reply!

The support replied me that it’s not valid to do so, but after seeing successful case on the Internet (2x1TB upgrade to 2x1.5TB; 2x2TB upgrade to 2x3TB), I may consider giving it a try at my own risk…