My Book Studio II 1.5 TB FW800 usb2.0 problem

I just bought yesterday My Book Studio II 1.5 TB FW800 usb2.0. I loaded up to my pc and connected it with fw800 connection through pci card. After 15mins of wondering (on why my pc do not recognising the HD) the smartware showed up. That was my 1st surprise. Anyway i start the smartware program formated the HD in NTFS format, updated firmware and smartware to newest version and everything goin well. Today i started my pc but the disk wasnt recognised, i unpluged the FW800 cable then replugged tried to connect through usb 2 and after 15 mins again the smartware icon showed up and was asking to format again the HD i tried to bypass it but when i clicked on on drive a pop up message appear Access Denied. Without any other option i reformated the disk. Can any help me do i have to format everytime i open my pc?

No, you should not have to reformat.  I would return the drive.  There may be something wrong with it.