My Book Studio External Hard Drives 1 TB, FireWire 800, USB 2.0 - power lost


I have this  My Book Studio**   External Hard Drives  1 TB (S/N WCAV5A466766)**, worked perfectly for the last three months, connected to my Windows XP via USB 2.0.

While doing the data transfer, the power lost in sudden, no fire, no smoke, no smell - it’s just dead.

I have tried to reboot my laptop and changed the power cord - didn’t work.

It still has 8 months warranty period, but i don’t think it is safe to send it for repair - lots of confidential data there.

Any help?



* Jakarta - Indonesia

They will probably replace the drive but you’ll be on your own getting data back if it’s possible.


Thanks for replying Joe.

Unfortunately, I concern more on how to get the data back.

i have tried recovering it with Get Data Back NTFS 4.0, but not working.