My Book Studio Edition needs to be rebooted every time


I’ve just bought a My book Studio Edition 2TB Quad interface. I’ve reformatted as a 2TB NTFS Paritition under Vista.

The issue is the connection is very flaky. I’m runnning USB 2.0 and I’ve had the same issue with 2 computers - one running Vista, another XP.

Everytime I want to use the drive, I essentially have to disconnect the power and USB and wait for a minute before plugging it in and trying again. If I use the “safely remove option” and dismount the drive that way, it will refused to be seen at all on the same or another computer. The device manager, nor My computer can see the drive at all.

The power button at the back seems almost useless. After disconnecting from the computer, the whole LED strip will stay on. You then hold down the power button and it turns off. But when you press it again, the drive spins up, but the lights don’t work, and plugging it into the computer doesn’t work either.

I’ve tried 2 USB cables. I’ve plugged the power adaptor straight into the mains socket. I’ve also updated to the latest firmware 1.034 (this in itself crashed so many times, refused to recognise the drive, and failled a few times when it did). It seems awfully unreliable for a brand new drive. Problem is the DOA period from the store has expired today.

Any suggestions?