My Book Studio Edition II, Working temperature

I got “My Book Studio Edition II - 4TB” for some time now, and every tine i pass with mouse over “WD Drive Manager” icon on taskbar it shows status info of hd, and it says 'Temp: OK. It never shoved anything else.

Now, last night i installed some hdd diagnostic software on this PC to check some other drive; and while using it i noticed temperatures of both hard-drives side by side and the difference was almost 15 deg C.

Temp of this laptop internal hdd is 42 C, and temp of My Book was 58 C (for what this app mark it in red and as high); but WD Drive Manager still shows Temp: OK.

When i check user man. it says operating temp 5-35 C !

Can anybody with this model compare your working temp of “My Book Studio Edition II - 4TB”