My Book Studio Edition II won't mount under esata

It’s a new drive and I am running 10.6.8. It will mount via USB, but I can’t get it to consitantly mount via esata. The whole reason I got this drive was because of the esata ability. I have gotten it to mount twice via esata, although I can’t replicate the steps that made it work. Both times I’ve had to shut the computer down. When I restart, drive won’t mount.

Anyone have any thoughts as to a fix for this…?


Some controllers are known not to work and WD has a list for the tested ones, can you update the controller and check the cable or try another computer to check if the problem is the drive, the controller or your computer?

Could you link to that list, I can’t find it. My controller doesn’t have drivers, it’s built into the OS. So I have nothing to update. It’s a Newer Technology MAXPower PCIe 2.0 card.