My Book Studio Edition II with eSata - Raid Configuration


I read that you can use the WD Manager only when your external drive is connected via USB or Firewire. But I want to use eSata. How can use the Raid? Can I change the Raid setting via USB/Firewire and then connected with eSata?

I want to use the My Book Studio Edition II with 2 TB and Raid 0 connected via eSata.

I’m thankful for every Infomation.



You Can use the Drive in Esata But to configure the RAID 0. You should have drive Plugged in through USB only because the WD Drive manager will work only USB.


Thank you.

I got the same problem, but did as told here configure the drive under fire wire / usb and then switch to E sata.

I got it configured to raid one but without the raid manager it is hard to see if a raid drive has failed. has anyone a solution for this ?


same “problem” here → got the My Book Studio Edition II 4TB connected with ESATA. Without the WD Manager it is not possible to see if the RAID is in degraded state … can’t be that I have to connect my Drive by USB every few days/weeks to check the RAID Status - is there an update planed?


I must say that I am severly dissapointed with software support for this drive under Windows 7 64 bit and also Linux…

After installing the Drive Manager I cant get the WD status tray icon… Also that RAID Manager cannot configure RAID over eSata is really disturbing… I haven’t started to even test it under Linux which is my main operating system…

Common it is just a RAID controller and two disks plugged onto it, it is not rocket science… WD you could do better.

I have managed to put drives in RAID 1 mode but had to do it over USB… Now I have it plugged in over esata and it works with no problem under Linux and Windows 7.

Now there are only two more things that are bothering me :slight_smile:

How do I turn off power management?

And how do I check RAID status over esata? - Is it possible to have the drive plugged in over esata and also USB in such a way so that USB is only used to check RAID status? It would be much simpler if there were somekind of RAID status LEDs on the chasis…

Thanks in advance…