My book studio edition II (WDH2Q20000E) is not recognised by any computer


Yesterday I bought a couple of new HDD to upgrade my WDH2Q20000E and to my surprise I worked ok the new hdd´s but when I place the old HDD my mac book pro doesn´t recognize them

All it does turn off and turn on the light every second

What can I do?

Hi there!

So the new drives inside the case work but not the old ones?

Did you try rebuilding the RAID on the old drives? (Will kill the data, which is already gone if you had a RAID 0)

don´t tell me that I can recover the old data!!!

didn´t try to rebuild it…

i need to find a way to get the data back

I’m just being honest, if you took out the 2 drives out then unless you had a Mirror RAID 1 then the data could be long gone and you may need a powerful recovery tool.