My Book Studio Edition II - spanning mode?

I want to buy the 6 TB model of the Studio II, but I really don’t want to be forced to use RAID 0 or 1 on it. Raid 0 will give me the storage capacity I’m after, but at twice the chance of total drive failure, and no ability to remove individual drives for use on another enclosure/system.

I know the FAQ says it doesn’t support JBOD, but does this enclosure at least support a simple spanning mode, like it describes in the “About RAID” section?

“Spanning, which is not a RAID mode, combines all the drives in a system into one big volume so they act like one giant drive. The drives are filled up one drive at a time. The advantage of using this mode is that you can add more drives without having to reformat the system.”

No, only RAID 0 and RAID 1.

Span is just for the MBWII and the Sharespace.

Well, spanning is (incorrectly) referred to as a RAID0 mode according to some other manufacturers’ classifications. :wink: 

Several RAID enclosures list “RAID0 Span” and “RAID0 Stripe”. :dizzy_face:  even though spanning isn’t in th RAID specs.

But I get “Document Not Found” when I try and see whether the Studio II drives support spanning or not.