My Book Studio Edition II - One Drive Failing in RAID 0

Yesterday I found that my 13+ year-old My Book Studio II RAID has failed, and it happened over a month ago so my cloud backup purged the files.

The two 1TB drives will boot separately in an external USB dock. One seems to be intact, the other says it need to initialize and has a missing/unknown partition, it appears to have bad sectors and sounds like it’s getting stuck. Data recovery software can recover some files, but these were apparently configured in RAID 0. So all the files are truncated.

Drives aren’t recognizable in the MyBook enclosure, I just get a flashing LED.

I should also mention, I’m on a PC, but use MacDrive to be able to read my old drives from college.

Is all hope lost?

Hey, have you managed to solve your problem?

I have the same issue and I have lost almost all my essays.

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I took the drive to a local data recovery guy and paid $600 to recover my data and put it onto a new drive. Ultimately it was worth it to me because this was full of my photography work and personal files from my college years, but it was painful paying that much. Lesson learned to never use RAID0 and let my online backup lapse!

The same thing happened to me and all my written works disappeared. I had to go to to get my work written again. And it’s good that they quickly wrote written papers for me, otherwise I would have very big problems with my studies.

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I’m truly sorry to hear about the data loss from your RAID drive. It’s a situation that can be incredibly frustrating and disheartening. Also, consider reaching out to data recovery specialists who have experience with RAID configurations; they may have insights and solutions that could help retrieve at least some of your files. Don’t give up hope just yet. Data recovery can be a complex process, but with the right expertise, you might be able to salvage some of your important data. In any case, if you have a problem, you just need to find ways to solve it. For example, when I had difficulties with writing papers, ai essay writer always came to the rescue. I think your situation will not be an exception. Good luck!