My Book Studio Edition II and Linux


I just got a My Book Studio Edition II as a Christmas present, but unfortunately my parents didn’t double check if it supported Linux. I run Ubuntu 10.10 as my main OS and all the data I want to back up is on ext4 partitions.

My question to you is if I can set it up under Windows for RAID 1, then reformat it in Ubuntu to extX and use it as a backup device without completely breaking it.

Thank you in advance!

EDIT:  I understand that “Safe Shutdown” won’t be available, but as it isn’t in eSATA mode either I guess I can do without it? Will it void my warranty if I use the device without “Safe Shutdown”?

Well this thread discusses it bit . I don’t know if this will help.


I read that thread before and it seems to support my solution. However, it says nothing about formating to a different filesystem while in Linux and nothing about warranty (I just realised I wrote “garanty” in my previous message. Languages…).

I have recieved a reply fron WD support which states that using my drive in Linux will not void the warranty. I have therefore proceeded and have had no problems so far.