My book studio edition ii 4tb raid0 problem

Hi all,

 I just got an wd my book studio edition ii 4tb, i installed a fresh copy of windows 7 on my desktop, i connected the HDD, i installed the drivers from the cd, the problem is that when i go to manage my raid , and try to change the raid configuration, i can only select raid 1, raid 0 is shows but i cannot select it. I have conected the external HDD with USB  ( i don’t use firewire or esata).

Please let me know what can i do to change my raid , to raid 0. I want tot benefit of the full 4 TB space .

Thank you ,

I figured it out, if any body has this problem make shore that you are a full administrator on the sistem, in windows 7 when to set the first user, not the administrator you do not have full rights over external devices, so go to properties on the drive , security and set full rights to the curent user.

Thanks and hope it will help others

Another solution:

I also had the ‘greyed out’ raid0 selection.

After downloading the lates wd-drivemanager from the site I finally could change the RAID1 to


So the drivemanager included on the cd did not

work for me (Win7/64bit)