My Book Studio Edition II 2TB

I have had the above drive since May 2009. For about a year it has been connected via e-SATA cable and working perfectly until this weekend, when the drive began losing its connection (disappearing from Windows Explorer, Disk Manager, etc. Unplugging the power cord and re-connecting solves the problem temporarily, but after a while the drive again disconnects.

When connected, Disk Manager says the partition is “healthy”. Disk error checking reveals no problems.

I have recently updated various drivers on my computer (running Win 7 64-bit) but none I could associate with e-SATA (except, perhps Intel SATA AHCI controller (iaStor.sys)). I rolled back to the earlier version of this driver, but this did not fix the problem.

Any suggestions, please?


You can use Drive Manager to check if both drives are healthy. Make sure data is backed up. The controller card on the drive could be going bad and is acting up because of that.

Thanks for the reply. I am pretty sure the drives are in good shape. I believe I have narrowed the problem down to either a driver issue or  an e-SATA cable / connector malfunction.  I reverted to using a USB connection and the drive has been prforming faultlessly for the past two days. My next move will be to replace the e-SATA cable.

Sounds good to me, glad to know you isolated the problem.