My Book Studio Edition II (2TB) ESATA functionality with New Computer

Hi Folks

So I’m just changing over from an older laptop running on XP to Windows 7 (64 bit).  I didn’t have an ESATA port on the older system but I do on the new and I’m trying to use it access my MY BOOK.  I can access the drive just fine using a regular USB cable.  However I get nothing when using the ESATA cable.  The device doesn’t show up in “My Computer” and I don’t get any type of pop up message saying my system found new hardware, etc.  Is there a driver I need to install for this or something?  Any ideas or help is greatly appreciated! 


Is ESATA enabled in BIOS? You never know how they set defaults.


Yes, the ESATA port is enabled in BIOS.  Good idea though!  Thanks for trying!