My Book Studio Edition - HELP! Spinning but no lights and not being recognized

Hi guys,

I have noticed that the My Book Studio Edition 1TB for Mac is no longer being recognized.

I can hear it and feel it spinning but the light indicators on the front are no longer on.

The drive is also not being recognized after I have attempted to shut down, restart and unplug the power.

I have also tried to turn it on by pressing the power button but still nothing.

Any ideas on what the problem can be?


The most common problem is the AC adapter power output is weak or less than 12 volts as required.

If you have a volt meter, check the power output to see if it still have 12 or more volts.

You can try a different AC adapter.

Or even try a USB connector to see if it work.

Hook it up to  another computer?

If you have tried all the suggestions but noting help.

You need to contact WD tech support for further help.