My book studio Edition Disconnecting

Im having an issue with my book studio edition disconecting when I am transfering large (2g+) files to the unit. 

Im no issues streaming from the unit but anytime I upload to it, it cannot take huge files.  Im contact support they suggest changing the hardrives which are under warrenty.  Just wondering if anyone else has this issue and if its been solved?

I have windows 7 computer unit is hooked up through ethernet up to a 8 port router.

do you have the single drive one or the dual drive unit?

it could be the drive is heating up when transferring large files

It is the dual edition.  6 tb.  Always have to pull the cord out and put it back in …  Im going to have to call technical support and figure things out… Its so frustrating… It happened again this morning pulled the cord out and put it back in … now there are not lights on it.  arg…

got the lights back working now… hopefully there is a solution to this… Last time they suggested replacing the hard drives.  Think im going to take them up on that offer.