My Book Studio doesn't turn on after firmware update v.

Need help… 2tb of vital data saved on model pn WDBAAJ0020HSL-00

After updating firmware as on subject the drive does not turn on.

No way… also using on/off button…

Please tell me that there’s a solution to this issue…

Thanks for your support!

Hey there, I went through this before, it was my mistake I  did not follow the instructions on WD web site and did not backup the files before the update which is advised. I had to look online for a data recovery software, perhaps you could use the same type of software.

Hi Mr MKS, thanks for your reply, but I can’t turn on the drive… perhaps tou’re suggesting to move the HDD into another enclosure and then try a Data Recovery solution when I’m able to see the drive mounted on my mac?

Could you please provide further instrunctions to me?

I’m desperate!

Thanks again for your kindness!