My Book Studio did not work on XP machine

I went with the My Book Studio because of the firewire interface.  It was not a problem to format and partition the drive for Windows but I’m returning the drive as it keeps disappearing from Windows.  When my system would come out of Standby mode the WD drive could no longer be seen in Windows Explorer or in Disk Management tool.  That unfortunate SmartWare VCD drive would also disappear.   The only way to restore the drives in Windiws was by shutting down the computer, unplugging the WD power source from the wall socket, plugging it back in and then rebooting.  The drive would return only to disappear again later.  WD support staff did try to trouble shoot the problem with me but no practical solution could be found and it was suggested that I might have better luck with a drive that does not use SmartWare.  I never installed the software but there VCD drive is forced onto the computer once the drive is connected.  It also cannot be removed.  Back to the drawing board.