My Book Studio Data Recovery [ moved by mod ]


I’ve got a similar problem with a My Book Studio II 6TB. Could you elaborate on how to recover the data using a Linux CD? As far as I figure out, I need some software that will do a software RAID with the two disks, but I’m not sure what to use.


Just to make the question clear (being moved from a different thread): I’ve got a broken My Book Studio II 6TB (RAID 0). I suspect that the disks are OK and the problem is in the controller, even though there are signs against this conclusion.

The question I posed in the other thread was: if the disks are OK, how can I mount them and see the original volume under Linux (this was in reply to a previous answer stating that in such a situation a Linux CD could be helpful).

What I did so far: I moved the two disks to an identical My Book Studio II 6TB (which works perfectly), but I still couldn’t see the drive in Win7. This would suggest a broken disk, but in this case I would expect some error to be shown in Windows. This brings up another question (I hope someone from WD can answer this): are the disks somehow “linked” to a particular controller (to its S/N, to a HW key, etc…)?

Manual stitching of the raid is possible with tools like Winhex, R-studio, UFS explorer ect…

I prefer to use winhex to locate pieces, determine order, stripe length ect. Knowing that information you select correct parameters for your volume in R-studio to create virtual volume and explore/extract data.

No need for Linux.

What file system was on it? With raid 0 it is simple to stitch even without knowing exact details about the specs of the stripe, since there aren’t many options.