My Book Studio comes up as unreadable disc on new iMac

Hi there all

Yes was running all my MyBook Studio external hard drives on my previous iMac 24 quite nicely but today have aquired a new iMac 27 which comes with Lion and when I plug the drives in to this one, turn them on, the little WD software icon doesn’t come up and then a message comes up on the screen saying " the disc you inserted was not  readable by this computer."   With the only option to IGNORE or EJECT.   HELP!  Has all my FCP7 projects that I want to start working on.

If it’s a matter of downloading the software, confused as to which one applies to my drives. 

Thanks for your time

Peter L

All ok I think. Found a previous post guiding me to the exact download. All back to normal.

Thanks heaps James K.