My Book Studio 2TB almost dead

Hi everyone

My "WD My Book Studio 2TB(WDBAAJ0020HSL-NESN) is almost dead, exactly HDD( Every test from SmartWare is failed, only s.m.a.r.t is passed.  Right now i trying Extended test from DLGDIAG(only 46 hours left :/), after that try to write zeros or low level format.

DLGDIAG S.M.A.R.T not passed, showed me a lot of errors.

Works good from december 2009 to yesterday non-stop, 24 hours a day. It’s good time to dying green series imho. :confused:

Probably disk has physical bad sectors, maybe logical bad sectors. Disk is very very slowly but still alive, sometimes freezing everything for few minutes.

Can i replace this disk to new one WD RED 2TB? Firmware supported any disk? WD RED is good choice imho. No more Green series.  Maybe My Book Studio 2TB(WDBAAJ0020HSL-NESN) supported only Green series?

Any sugestions?


After write zeros(successful) the same s.h.i.t. Quick Test not finishing(you see on first screenshot).

a few pix.


Replacing the internal drive of the My Book Studio is not supported. Using another drive might work but we cannot guarantee it.


YES, you can replace any disk, any company disk. Size, series and company is NOT important. It’s so easy. For testing i put my old 2.5-inch 320GB Fujitsu. Everything work fine. WD RED 2TB 3.5" ordered…

Maybe the case removable is not easy but is possible for everyone.

a few pix separated remove only 2 screw. Fujitsu 2,5" inside

reborn :wink:

One thing: no more Green series