My Book Studio 2 4TB is always corrupting, disconnects

Why is it that my My Book Studio 2 4TB is always corrupting? The 2 hard disks inside this drive has even already been replaced by the store where I bought it. But still, the same problems. I am using this drive to process video files to be submitted to our client. Thankfully, I have the backup of the raw, unprocessed files. The problem is that, during processing of the raw files, the drive will suddenly disconnects then after restarting, it will now ask me to reformat? **bleep**?! A week’s worth of processing is now lost! I have to reprocess everything again! I tried every solution available to check if the drive will still be properly recognized again but to no avail! And then, WD will not provide a recovery program for its clients? This drive has wasted a lot of my time already! The only reason I still stick with WD products is because, there are no other options here in KSA. Is there someone here who can help me or us? This drive is not cheap, you know? I could buy a low-end laptop with this price and that laptop would last a year!

Check what might be causing the files to be corrupted, always safely eject the my book before disconnecting the my book, try connecting the power cable to another power socket, check if the computer is momentarily freezing while transferring the files…etc. To recover the files you can try connecting one of the internal hard drive directly to the computer and using a data recovery program like Recuva or Testdisk. Check the links below.