My Book Studio (1st? Edition) connection problem

hello, first, apology for my poor English and thanks for the help:)

the problem is this:

I connect mybook studio to my iMac with the FW800, turn power on, it works just fine.

but, if I turn off the MyBook Studio and then turn off the iMac (both of  the iMac and the MyBook Studio are unplugged, completely cut off the power connection. sorry, I don’t know how to explain it exactly, it’s that you plug out the adpter from the jacks), and then go out for work.

after 8 hours or more, when I came back home, turn on the iMac,

the indicator light of the MyBook is on(not in a breath effect), but, you know the MyBook Studio is not connected to the ellectricity yet…

then, connect MyBook to the ellectricity, the indicator light is still keep the same, looks the HD is freezed.

and neither the iMac nor the WD Smartware can recongnize the MyBook

I had to disconnect the MyBook from the iMac and cut off the ellectricity of the MyBook, then reconnect them.

I bought this MyBook for nearly half a year. and I have to do this thing everyday…

would anybody do some help, please?

thank you so much.

my MyBook’s type:

the firmware is latest.

OS is Snow Leopard 10.6.4

When the Mac is turned on first, it sends power through the USB to the My Book Studio signalling it to wake up.  If there is no power to the drive, then it most likely gets stuck in the wake up mode.  Plugging in the My Book first, before turning on the computer, should fix it.