My Book searched by Win 7 Home Premium?

We have over 100000 photos in My Book 4Tb,
originally organized by Windows Photo Gallery.

We have written several decscribing tags in Photo Gallery for each photo so that it would be easy to find the photo just needed.

We have categories e.g.
Nature/Flower/Rose/Red/ or
Nature/Animal/Domestical/Cow or
whatever… using slash/between/the/words while then each word will be able to be used indvidually while searching in Photo Gallery or from C: drive.

Those photos which are on C: harddrive,
Windows search finds them without problem by a tag search rose and all photos tagged will be found

But searching from My Book in impossible!

How to search files by tags from My Book?

Does WD have some own search program?

I truely am quite confused. My Book 4tb has a lot of data, but how to find it by a Windows 7 laptop?

Thank you for all help!

Hi, welcome to the community.

I did some research and it seems that in order for Windows to be able to find the tags in pictures located on a external drive, you need to add the external drive to the Windows Library.

Take a look at this link for information on how to add a folder to the library. However you can do the same thing and add the entire drive.