My Book Retrieval - files retrieved but not accessible

My Book Essential
Windows 10 ( originally 8)

Problems retrieving files. Files on the My Book back up ALL seem to be struck through as if deleted? The files can be retrieved and they appear in the retrieved folder on another computer and have an appropriate file size but they cannot be opened . Photos say I don’t have permission , word documents say no permission or could be encypted or read only , pdf say cannot find file and excel files also say cannot open file as may be read only or corrupted.

I don’t recall protecting any of these files so not sure how to resolve this. Any ideas?


Not clear. Why another computer? That could cause permission problems if you don’;t have the same user name on both,


The My Book was a back up on a computer that was non operational - hence why I was checking if the back up files were ok on another computer before a possible clean reinstall of the OS on the broken computer and hence losing the data. I assumed that’s what these things are for. Perhaps I have misunderstood.
As it happens I was able to retrieve the data direct from the HD before reinstalling. Annoyingly the reinstall was totally unnecessary - mistaken recommendation from a Dell techy.
Still concerned that the My Book is not doing what I had assumed it should?