My Book Rebuilding Volumes forever

I previously backed up a PC that has died.  I am trying to restore files to another PC (XP).  I select Change Retrieve volume and select the volume I want and click Select Destination and Select Files and get Please Wait, Rebuilding Volumes to retrieve from.  I can then wait hours and when it finishes there are no files to select from.  Where are the files?  Other volumes which only take 45 minutes to rebuild do show files.

Is rebuilding running out of memory?  Is there a newer version to retrieve with? Im running

That version of WD SmartWare is quite old. The current version is 2.4, and starting from 1.3 the entire backup engine was changed. Try to see if the rebuild process on 1.2 is slow on any system as it could be a speed issue related to this particular computer. You could them restore the files into the external drive itself for a manual copy/paste.


Now I have the same issue. Is there any other way to retrieve the data?
unfortunately, I am running, too.