My only not writing


i had this proplem after formating my pc.

  • i want to open my music folder but he give me that :

you don’t currently have permission to access this folder

then i want to copy some file to it,he give me:

you need permission to perform this action

and i cant download any thing forme torrent.

ps: i didnt instal any of his softwere + My OS is : WIN 8.1 64 Bit

                    HELP ME PLEASE

Hello, follow the steps on the following link to take ownership of the files.

Take Ownership of a File or Folder

but thise to take the ownership of the folder , i want to download and copy file to it :flushed:

any one ?!! :cry:

Hi again, let me see if I understand, you get that message when you try to copy a file form your computer to the My Book? If that is correct, did you followed the steps on the link I provided to take ownership of the folder where you are trying to copy the files? 

yes you are corect i don’t have the permission to copy file to any folder in my book 

the link you provieded give me the ownership of the music folder only.

as i said i can’t even download via torrent on it 

thanx for reply :slight_smile:

In that case I recommend you to contact support directly, you can contact them by email or phone.

Try going into the drive properties and take ownership there. And set permissions for everybody to full.