My Book pulsing every half second (drive access) when idle

I have a month old WD60EDAX-11BMZB0 6TB drive that up until the last couple days has been behaving normally. For the last two days when I am not accessing data from the drive, it pulses every half second for about 20 pulses, then pauses then pulses again and the cycle repeats. When I say pulse I mean there is some activity on the drive, but it is very regular, not like a normal data read/write. I can access the data just fine from the drive and the WD Utility shows no errors on the drive. The pulsing is driving me mad though. Resource monitor does show any activity on the drive.

Any help would be appreciated!

It seems, there might be some applications or tools are trying to use or scan the data files stored in the drive. Whenever you connect the drive with computer, may processes and applications will use or scan the data files from the drive which results pulsating LED response.

I would suggest checking by connecting the My Book device in another computer to verify for this issue, whether it may be due to the device or drive.