My book + ps3 or playon HD

can anyone help me decide between the 2 setups?

to my understanding, my book helps you centralize all your media files in 1 location, and the ps3 wired via network will help display these media files on my tv

its also my understanding that i will be able to access these media files through my pc/mac/laptop/ipad wirelessly.

now, would it be more convenient to use playon HD instead? (

its a full hd player, hdd is internal,  and able to stream data up to 300mbps

its just seems like this playon thing is easier to deal with…

what do you guys think?



Playon is overkill for what you want.

Ideally instead of the PS3 you should be using a WD TV Live, WD TV Live Plus, or WD TV Live Hub.

Either way (PS3 or WD TV) the basics are pretty much the same. The My Book Live can be seen both as a Media Server, and as a Samba Share. So what this essentially allows you to do is drag/drop videos into the drive and have them become available to your media players (and your PCs). Since almost every (media player) device out there can see one of those two methods it makes it really easy to always have access to your library. And while it’s a little slow, it even gives you remote access so if your out of town and really need access to that file, you can do it with minimal hassle.