MY Book problem

My Book doesn’t appear to be connected to my PC all of a sudden.  It was working very well for since I purchased it.  What to do next??

What OS are you using? Look and see if the drive shows in Disk Management.


I am just having the same problem.  Have you found a solution yet?  I’ve had my “essential” for a couple of years now and it’s worked great on both my computers until just 2 days ago. 

Question for u: Have u up graded your Operating system (Windows) or did you buy new PC’s sence you had your “essential”?

A: If Yes, it  is highly possible that the new Windows 7 or 8 does not reconnise your WD Essntial. Reccommend that you go to WD Home page or check the Product & news Fourmr to see if the have an upgrade or patch.

Hope this works.