My book problem, pls help


I just bought a new 2tb my book essential.

I tried to back up my computer with it. It starts to do its job, but then it starts with a clicking noice and not reacting anymore.

As soon as I move it slightly, it continues until it starts clicking again.

Anyone an idea, or did I just get a broken one from the start with?

thx for your help

Try moving the power adapter to a wall plug not a power strip. Try a different USB ports and don’t use a hub. A port on back of desktop frequently works better.


thx for your answer, sadly it did not help.

It was already connected directly to USB 3 at the PC, now I changed it to a different USB 3 port. same result, further I changed the power, does not make any difference.

The clicking comes and goes, during the clicking phase, the hard drive is not accessible.