My Book Problem, Please help!

I have an older My Book Essentials ( I think) it’s the one with the single green circle light. Anyway, it was working fine and then this morning I noticed the light isnt on anymore. You can still hear it running, but no light and it’s not connecting to my computer. I tried unplugging everything, plugging it into a different computer, different outlets for the power cord, nothing seems to work. Any suggestions?

Your external drive may be experiencing a hardware fault. If it is not under warranty, you could open the enclosure and test SATA Drives separately. So you could isolate the problem. All you need is a desktop PC with available SATA port and SATA + Power cables. If your drive doesn’t spin up or BIOS is unable to detect your bare drive, you have a drive fault.  If you need further help, please state your drive model number and what you’re expecting to do.  

Mabikay – SLK

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