My Book Pro - USB-connection failed with Macbook Pro



since more than 2 years I’ve running a My Book Pro with 6TB - usually attached via Thunderbolt to the Macbook Pro with USB-C port via adapter.

Now I wanted to run wd drive utility; therefore the disk must be connected via USB. BUT: By connecting the drive via USB using the original Apple-Adapter (Power / HDMI / USB 3.0), the drive is not recognized - neither from the WD Drive Utility nor the Mac nor the hard disk management.

Any idea?

Thanks a lot


Did you try to use USB 3.0 cable provided with My Book Pro?


Yes, I used the original usb cable and trief Alis another one…


Is possible to check hard drive keep spin? Eg check it after plugin 3mins.


Drive is okay – restarted Macbook For, WD-drive and uses another Apple-adapert (USB-C to USB 3) – now it works.