My Book Pro Upgrade Drive Size 8Tb to 16Tb

I’ve just bought a My Book Pro 8Tb with 2x4Tb drives. I will need to upgrade this to the highest available storage capacity available. Can I replace the 2x4Tb drives with 2x8Tb drives?

Hi TristanMcLaren,

Yes, you can 2x4Tb drives with 2x8Tb drives. If you face any kind issue while replacing the drive please let us know and we’d be happy to help.

Thanks very much Alex. Will do when the time comes.
Please can you help me with the product code I’ll need to use when buying the 2 x 8Tb replacement drives?
As I understand it they need to be the ‘Black’ drives - is this correct?

Hi TristanMcLaren,

We recommend to use WD Red drive as the My Book™ Duo drive comes with RAID optimized
WD Red™ drives inside to deliver high-speed, quality storage to rely on.

Hello Alex.S

I have a really serious problem now.

All the data I’ve been meticulous with in transferring to this brand new My Book Pro drive, about 3Tb worth, has been erased.

I’m using considerable restraint in not using explicit language here to describe this problem.

Because I am seriously ANGRY.


Activity leading to this:

Eject My Book Pro from iMac to rearrange said equipment.

Shut down iMac.

Move equipment on desk.

Switch on iMac.

Mount MyBook Pro.

Eject strange “EFI” drive from desktop - no data on EFI drive - never encountered this in my life.

Notice My Book Pro is also now called MyBook.

Run WD diagnostics software on drive - all good.

Open Lightroom to edit photography work.

Can’t locate original files - strange?!

Open “MyBook” in Mac Finder.

No data.

Run Mac disk utility.

No data.

NO ■■■■■■■ DATA!!!

Tristan McLaren


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