My book pro edition Wondows 7 Drivers

I haven’t used this drive on my new computer (Windows 7) but the computer will not recognize the drive. I have used it connected to a My book world edition net work drive but just connected directly to my pc and it will not install. It does not show up as a connected drive at all. Tried looking for available downloads but I can’t find anything. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.

Hello Mate,

I don’t think this unit is compatible with Windows 7, however try to test the drive in a different computer also check your computer disk management and device manager to verify if the drive is been seen.

You might try booting from a Linux Live CD and try accessing it from there.


Did you install the Raid manager? I’ve got an old My Book Pro and it works on Windows 7. See if you can find it here


I finally got this to work. I downloaded some of the RAID and drivers and tried a different USB port and it worked. I am not sure which on of the downloads did it, but it works now.