My Book Pro edition II 1TB drive comptability

This is model WD10000C033-001, product ID WDG2TP10000 The computer doesn’t see it. I am thinking it could be the interface not the disks. I would like to stick the raid 0 drivers into another enclosure to see if they work. I cannot find this model for sale to get a working enclosure. What other WD external drive models set for raid 0 would accept these two 500MB hard disks without reformatting? Or what are the raid 0 parameters so I can stick them in a PC and configure them properly?

try connecting to another USB enclosure or your computer

you will be able to get the data if the drives are functional

you will not be able to rebuild this RAID unless using same model enclosure  

If the drives are part of a RAID 0 it will not be possible to recover the data by installing them to another enclosure.  Even if you can find a donor My Book Pro enclosure in ebay, there is no guarantee that you can recover the data.  In your case I recommend you to contact a data recovery company.

You mean by connecting to my computer installing the two drives inside it as a Raid 0? If so, what parameters do I use for Raid 0 and how do I keep the computer from reformatting the drives when I create the Raid drive? You mean by connecting to another enclosure installing the drives in the same model enclosure? Do I need to to do anything other than just replace the original drives in the new enclosure with my old ones?

Vadir: Why wouldn’t swapping these drives out for the drives in a working Raid 0 of the same model work? THanks for your help with this!