My Book Pro drives are locked. No option to format/erase

I had 2x 6TB drives in a My Book Duo, the Duo died, I have a My Book Pro, I want to put these drives in the Pro, and erase them. But My Book Pro reports that the drives are locked and is asking for a password. No password was ever set, there is no password. And blank field is not accepted by WD Drive Utilities or Smartware or WD Security, they all expect something to be put in… well there is nothing to put in.

I attempted to do 5 failed attempts erase thing, but doing 20+ attempts of failed password in all 3 of those applications did not surface an option to format/erase the drives.

When I take the drives out and put them into a Windows/Linux machine they are fully usable/formattable… so they are not locked. I even attempted to format the drive, zero it out via dd command in Linux, erase all partitions including the first 1.5Mb and last 1.5Mb of the drive.

Still the drives are locked when put into My Book Pro. How do I wipe them and unlock them? I dont care about the data on them, I just want them usable in the My Book Pro.

So, WD support is useless as always. Here are more things that I tried and a solution.

All of WD documentation states to use WD Securty and format the drive through there. The issue is that My Book Pro does not show up in WD Security (Ive tried at least 4 versions from the last 3 years of the app), many posts on these forums about this, to be expected really, SW development is outsourced, you get what you pay for. So I had to dig out a MacBook and download MacOS version of WD Drive Discovery. Which saw the My Book Pro and allowed me to reformat to RAID1 (exFAT), after which I plugged it back into Windows, where WD Discovery Windows version allowed me to proceed and format as RAID1 NTFS (previously this is the app that was asking for password).

As a side note HDDERASE (dos version), which uses Drive’s built in Secure Erase (took a bit over 12 hours for 6TB drive), it erases everything possible… still drives were password locked. I also tried writing zeroes to entire drive from first to last bit via dd on Linux. Still was password protected. This leads me to believe that this info is not stored on user writable part of disc. I also tried to put the drives into a known non encrypting enclosure (EX2100), which formatted the drives just fine and was ready to use them for storage as if nothing happened. When I put those drives back into the My Book Pro it complained about password being out of sync and still did not let me proceed. The Mac version of Discovery app was the only way to solve this. Fix your ■■■■ software WD.