My Book Pro doesn't work all of a sudden

Hi all,

I have been using a 500gb My Book Pro  hard drive for about 4 years. Last night I was copying some files to/from it, then all of a sudden the USB connection got lost. At the same time the blue circular light kept spinning as if it’s still copying files even after the connection was lost for over 20 seconds. I unplugged the USB cable and plugged it back in, then the computer couldn’t detect the drive (while the blue circular light’s still spinning). So I unplugged the power chord to shut the drive down, waited for a few minute, plugged in the power chord again. This time the blue light’s solid, and the drive didn’t seem to be running anymore, but still the computer couldn’t detect the drive. At first I thought it’s the USB cable, but after testing with another USB cable and another computer, it’s proved that the drive can’t be detected anymore.

Any idea on what’s going on and what can be done to fix this? If the drive can’t be fixed, is there a way to at least let me get the data back?


Tang-Hong Lai

What OS are  you using?  Did the drive come with backup software? Do you have another power supply you can try?


I am using 64 bit Windows 7. The drive came with a software but I have never used it. I don’t have another power supply, but the drive does turn on when the power cable and USB are connect to it .