My Book PRO 8TB hangs on boot, El Capitan

I just purchased the MyBook PRO 8TB, everything was great, until I reboot and my computer hanged… I disconnected the drive and the computer resumed booting. I uninstalled the latest WD Drive utility and now the computer boots fine with the drive installed… So I’m guessing the Drive utility was causing the computer from booting? Anyone familiar with this issue? I’m afraid to re-install the drive utility.

My OS is El Capitan 10.11.2 running the 2013 Mac Pro

Most of the time this is related to external media booting priority. Ensuring your internal hard drive is the primary bootable device should address this regardless of WD Drive Utilities being present.

So how do I fix it? and why does the problem go away when I uninstall the WD Disk Util?

That also leaves the phenomenon of one of my external disk randomly ejecting not being able to recognize when pluged into the upper front usb port. The bottom one however works fine. Upon rebooting without the drive utility both works perfectly.