My Book Pro 2 not visible at RAID Manager

Hi to WD users.

First time posting here. So here it goes.

Had my My Book Pro 2TB for almost 7 years and is still working.  Upgraded my OS into Windows 8 and plugged in the external storage drive and didn’t need to install drivers and the likes.  Now bought a new external which is the My Book Essential 4TB which I transferred all the files from my 2TB.

Was planning to use the old one for backing up my files on the workstation.  Planned on formatting it into a RAID 1 so I could have a redundancy of files.  I

Installed the newest software on the download support software.  For some reason, the software could not see my 2TB and I could not convert it into RAID 1 from RAID 0.

Reformatted my 2TB through Windows Disk Management (Quick Format) and through WD Smartware on my 4TB built in software.

  1.  Need help on how to setup my 2TB into a RAID 1.

  2.  Is it possible to put SMARTWARE on my old 2TB so I could put a lock on it too?  How do I do this if this is possible?

Hope to hear technical support on my problems.

Much thanks

Hello and welcome adidas10, note that the software for your hard drive is only supported up to Windows XP, so some incompatibility problems might happen. If possible try connecting your My Book to a supported OS and install the software to setup the RAID. Unfortunately the My Book Pro doesn’t support Smartware. Check page 1 of the manual for the system requirements.

Available download for your model