My Book Pro 16TB not off to a good start

Just received my New 16Tb Mybookpro !
Quick read & powered it up.
Dragged a folder from my MBLD to it for a test.
I had the MBPro attached via THB cable to the MAC , The MBLD via USB to the MBP , AND also, ethernet to the MAC.
Nothing happened too fast , so I cancelled the operation.
I then through utilities , deleted everything on the MBPro .
I then created RAID1 configuration. At 1 point , ALL LEDs were RED
This completed ( I think ) Then drive 2 says REBUILDING . The drive is empty.
What is it doing ? Why ?
Is this normal for setting a RAID1 ?


If you try to transfer some files from a network drive to the My Book Duo, the transfer speed will be as slow as the slowest connection on the environment. if you want to see the real transfer speed of the THB connection, test the unit copying a file from the computer to the drive.

As a recommendation, Contact WD support for direct assistance on this case.

I let the drive Finnish rebuilding. Transferred all the files except the time machine sparse bundles as that was just too much mucking around . Everything moved very fast ! Happy days.
Its a shame I cant keep all my old TM backups and use them on the new drive. Ill keep the old drive for a while in case. :smiley: