My Book Premium II (Old Model) "Hit or Miss" displaying in My Computer

I have an older My Book external Drive that is hit or miss when it displays in “My Computer”.  I currently use it as the source for my itunes music files.  When it does work, it will work for about 20- 30 mins.  When you go into the folders on the drive, it doesn’t display any files in the folders.  And this seems to happen when the drive runs hot.  I tried putting it on a Keyboard fan to keep it cool.  I thought it did the trick, but the same thing occurred maybe 45 mins later.  I bought another external to then try and transfer all the files from the old one to the new one.  However, during the transfer maybe about 5Gs in, I will get an error saying the files is missing.  However, the Drive is not hot at this point.  Any thoughts?  I’m thinking about bringing it to a best buy or something and seeing if the can transfer the data to the new external.

Thanks for your help.  

You’re doing the right thing to take the data off since it’s an old drive and looks like it is failing, just remember not to leave the data on the new drive alone because the new drive can also fail, get 2 drives (From different brands) and make sure they both have the same files to make sure you do have a backup.

As per your description the unit is about to fail…FATALITY…

I found out from Bestbuy that its a bad fan and the curcuit board is burnt out.  I called WD and wasn’t aware they don;t accept their own product after the warranty expires for repairs.  Is there a place I could send it to replace the fan and curcuit board?  Or do I just have to send it to a data recovey place to get the information off the drive?   Any recommendations?