MY BOOK premium external drive is circling endlessly, all of a sudden

I have had this My Book Premium Edition connected to my iMac for the past 3 years using time machine to back up my data with no problems.  Suddenly 2 days ago, it started endlessly circling.  I rebooted/reconnected everything with no elimination of the problem.  I contacted support @ WesternDigital who told me to download/install a WD button manager and retry.   no success- it still circles endlessly . the only way to stop it is to turn OFF the external drive.

 I have disconnected time machine and yet it still circles or is powered on trying to do something.  It just is running endlessly.

I tried plugging directly into a wall outlet, not the surge strip and also used the 400firewire connection instead of the previously used USB port with no resolution.

What should I try?any suggestions?

It has been fine and all of a sudden, it is not.

Take a look at the article on the meaning of the flashing light for you my book.

There is also a drive manager for mac that can be downloaded .

Meaning of flashing lights link below,321,210/session/L3RpbWUvMTMwNDI5NDg4MS9zaWQvaEltVlNVc2s%3D

Button manager

thanks for responding.

I already had installed the button manager.

i had also already seen the page you supplied but I appreciate your input.

it is circling meaning it is on…constantly.