MY BOOK PREMIUM EDITION ext hard drive 500GB

My Book external hard drive w/backup software when plugged in, lights up, but my PC with Windows Vista Home Edition will not even recognize that this external hardware has been plugged into my PC.  I had this BOOK connected to an older PC with Windows XP …it worked fine until the PC crashed.   I have numerous files on MY BOOK and can’t even access MY BOOK.  Is there a download available to load to my Windows Vista to make MY BOOK open up?

Hi, did you check on the disk management window to see if it’s recognized there?

No…but I will try to check.  Thanks so much for your reply.   I’m afraid I am quite PC illiterate when it comes to all of this.

I was able to locate the WDFAT32 formatter and was able to TRY to install the software.  It loaded up and says its installed at one moment…then says I need to free up 1575.00MB on my C drive to complete installation.

I then tried to completely format…it advised me I would loose all data on the hardrive.  I am assuming that meant all data on the WD Notebook external drive.  In any case, nothing happened.   I did hear a clicking when the starts up…guess that means that the whole notebook has crashed???

Why do you want to format the hard drive on FAT32?