My Book Premium Edition 2004


 I can no longer access my files from this external h. When I am trying to open them, or transfer the files ( all formats of files, MP3, PDF, etc etc) to a new HD or my Desk top a message appears  “Cannot complete transfer , file is in Use” (something like that)… I did the freezing of the HD (no moister got in), it didn’t worked, it seems like the USB and the Fire Wire are in good condition, so is not a connection issue… Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


… Forgot to mention that I am using the HD with a Mac Pro 2011 all up to date, never had an issue till now.

Frist, please note that you are trying to use an old drive on a new computer which might not be supported even do it was working before. I will recomend to run FIRST AID on the hard drive to determine if it has any errors on the partition.

How to test a drive for defects or problems in a Mac

If this does not solve your issue then try using the drive on an older Mac adnd if none of this works then you should try to re-partition the drive. This will delete everything on the unit but might give you the chance to use it again.