My Book Premium Does Not Work Correctly with Windows 7

I have owned this drive for a few years. It was originally used with an XP Toshiba laptop, worked great. Later it was used with an HP Slimline 3750 CTO running 64 bit Vista, also worked great. I upgraded the Slimline to 64 bit Windows 7 and the problems began. Here is the skinny.

When I plug the drive in USB or firewire it works for 2 - 10 minutes, then stops. When it stops it hangs the entire computer. Unplugging the USB or firewire frees the computer. When plugging the drive back in it repeats this process. Basically I am plugging and unplugging this thing trying to get my data off.

It does not matter if it is firewire or USB, issues still occur. I do not have both firewire and USB plugged in at the same time, it’s one or the other.

Installed the Microsoft hotfix for 4gb computers running Windows 7 64 bit with nvidia chipsets, issues still occur. 

I don’t have problems with any other USB devices.

I checked the Western Digital Windows 7 compatibility list and my drive is not on it so it appears I have to accept that.

It is disturbing to me that my drive is rendered useless since I decided to upgrade to Windows 7. These things are not cheap and I don’t consider it disposable. I will continue to fight with it until all my data is off it. At the rate I am gong, it will take about a month.

I believe some kind of update is in order. I don’t think I should have to buy a new drive just because I upgraded to 7. I don’t think I should have to fight with it to get my data.

Should I just lose my data?

Should I have to use a friends XP computer to get my data?

Should Microsoft and Western Digital work together to solve this?

I have searched this and found hundreds of posts from people having similar problems.

I think WD owes it to their customers to get this straight. I know it s not my problem, my computer works fine, my USB works fine, it’s just this one thing, please fix it!

This product has been End of Lifed.  There will be no firmware update for it.   I’d recommend taking it to your friend’s XP computer and get the data off.  The way you’re doing it now seems like it leaves your data open to corruption.