My book premium and now My book live failing due to Mavericks?!

Help!! I have an older My book premium 500g that I use as a media centre. It has started to umount as described in many posts on the web, however It is still running but the data keeps dissapearing. I managed to get some data onto a my book live, that is hooked into my network, and have taken the MB premium out of the loop. Now my MB live has slowed down so much that just trying to look through files takes forever. Has anyone else had this happen to their MB live due to Mavericks? I see there is an update available for the MB live, but i need to back it up first before I can update and it’s so slow now that just selecting a file takes 10 min.

I’m trying to get data off my old MB premium using a PC at work and all the data keep s dissapearing any advice out there? I seem to get a small window here and there and have gotten a few files off but the drive was close to full and I really don’t want to loose it all.

It appears that the data is corrupted.

You could try using a data recovery software in order to get the files from the drive.

The data as far as I can tell is fine, I had been using it just the day before with no issues and nothing new has been added for a couple weeks. Then the drive (older MB premium) started umounting. I took it to work and plugged it into a PC and it stays mounted and I get a small window to move a few files before gets stalled. Then it can’t located the files, though the drive is still there and you can search through the data (but you can’t move or use the data)

What is seems to be doing is on start up the drive comes up to speed and runs smooth no wierd noises. Then after a few minutes it slows down and then speeds up, and gets stuck in this cycle and the data transfer will get stalled and then stops.

Any ideas? What data recovery software should I look for?

This drive has been a work horse for me for years and I’ve kept it backed up, but  my other drive (which is maybe 6 months old) has the back up and is now showing signs failing too!!

 Doing the firmware upgrade on your MBL will not destoy your data.

Also, if you are having no access to the Dashboard, or if the firmware upgrade fails, then use the debrick guide on this forum. You will not lose your data.

Chalk this issue up to corrupt .DS_Store files on my hard drive. I fixed the issue by painfully going through the folders and copying only the files I wanted. This was very time consuming as the HD was painfully slow, but data is now copied from the WD Live HD and safely stored elsewhere. I then restored the HD back to factory settings ( a hard reset) and now it runs like it should. I will only be using it as a media store from now on with the data backed up, so when it dies it dies. I’m still perplexed that both my HD’s went bad after installing Mavericks; I guess Apple still has a major issue with their .DS_Store files. My other HD (older 500g MB) is still not working, but I’m less worried now as most of the important data was backed up on the WD Live and has been recovered, the rest I can still slowly pick at.