My Book (PC) failure

Okay, i bought this 1TB My Book external hard drive maybe 2 years ago, from Overstock. Probly not the best idea to buy one refurbished, but we all make mistakes. Anyways, it’s been working just fine, up until a few days ago. I was attempting to upload a video clip to my blog, and it was slow and froze up - i believe it also caused my Firefox to freeze, but that might have been unrelated. During this time, i was watching a tv show located on the same drive, with no problems. I tried to upload it again, and it once again froze. Firefox didnt seem to have any issues this time. So, i cancelled the upload, and closed out of the folder/hard drive. Then, i go to re-open it, and it no longer comes up with My Book or the icon - only says Local Disc (H:). And if i click on that, first it tells me i need to format the disk before i can use it - no way - i know that’ll wipe all my files away. So, if i click Cancel or the red X, it tells me H:\ is not accessible. Data error (cyclic redundancy check).

This has really got me confused. I mean, i was just using it, and it randomly “crashes” without warning?? I figure the data must be there, since i was accessing it right up to the time of the problem. I figure I probly need a new hard drive, but i wanna be able to get my things off this one first. Am i just screwed?? I looked around at things on here, and did a bit more checking. Under Devices and Printers, it shows up - with the name My Book. But, under Disk Management, even tho it shows it’s healthy, it says i have all 931GB of free space, still. I know i had used about a couple hundred over the years i’ve had this. Whats got me worried is that the data has somehow vanished, with no warning - and thats what makes no sense to me. The blue light inside still comes on - i can hear it spinning, so i know it’s working - it’s just a matter of not being able to access the data.


Hard drive: My book for PC

Model: WD10000H1U-00

My System Specs:

System Manufacturer/Model Number HP G61/MODEL: G61-429WM
OS Windows 7 Home Premium OA HP 64-bit

Does anyone know whether this is one of the MyBook models that does automatic, forced hardware encryption?  My first thought was to suggest removing the HDD from the MyBook & connecting it to your computer internally so you could copy the data off, but if it’s an encrypting model that won’t help.  Since it’s a couple of years old, I thought maybe WD wasn’t doing the encryption yet at that time.

If the drive came with Smartware the data is encrypted whether you use Smartware or not.