My Book Password reliability

Just purchased a My Book Essential. I wanted to use TrueCrypt to create an encrypted drive. Then I noticed that My Book comes with its own encryption software? How reliable is My Book own Password system? Does anybody know what  password algorithm it is using?

256-bit hardware-based AES.

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Thanks. Much Appreciated.

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I wonder if I can bother or other members of this community with another question.

I have started using MY Book. So far so good. One thing is puzzling me. There is a switch on the back of the device that apparently should be used to turn My book on/off. No matter if I push this switch on or off, there is always light inside the device and the device is recognised by my PC. In other words this switch doesn’t turn the device off and doesn’t cut the power. So why WD has installed this switch or am I missing something here and it is meant for another purpose?


The switch only works if the Smartware is installed.


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Thanks for your response Joe. The software is installed and despite that the switch doesn’t seem to function as expected (or as I think that it should work, i.e. turning the device on and off).

I remember someone said it was a firmware problem because it got corrected with an update, but try pressing the power button for some time since mine needs to be held for 6-7 seconds before it shuts down.


My sincerest thanks. Yes you are right. One has to press 6-7 seconds to turn the device off. Having said that, I believe that WD should improve at least this part of My Book firmware. There is no reference in their manual to this 6-7 second waiting period. Also one should bear in mind that even if you manage to turn the device off using the switch, you don’t need it to turn it on. As soon as you connect the power and USB cable to the device, the lights come on and the device is connected.

What a nuisance!

I’m glad i stumbled upon this, because i have to plug the device in once i am logged in, otherwise my OS won’t boot. I didn’t know i had to hold the power button for that long.

Glad I was able to help :slight_smile:

Wait until the f limsy usb connection fails all data will be lost. No way to extract the data if the case gives out.