My book on windows

Simple question. I just bought My book world edition II. I just want to connect by USB to my Server running Windows server 2003 R2 but the device is not recognised. Any idea how to reformat it to ntfs?

The MBWE is a USB host only.  You can plug USB flash drives or USB hard drives to it to back them up or extend the capacity of the the unit, but It cannot connect directly to a pc except using an ethernet cable.


can i connect the hard drive directly to the computer via ehternet bypassing a router? i lost my software cd and i had to reformat my pc. Now I cannot access my files.

Yes, as long as neither your MyBook or pc have a static IP address.  Both will fall back to a zeroconfig address (169.254.x.x).  You can verify your pc’s address in a DOS window using the “ipconfig” command.  You should then be able to get to your MyBook using the device name (default MyBookWorld).  For example, in Windows Explorer, enter [\mybookworld](file://%5C%5Cmybookworld) in the address box and you should see your shares (Public, Download and Configuration).